Electric Kistka Multi Tip Interchangeable with 3 tips - 110 Volt (NA, Japan, Brazil)

  • $ 57.00

The Electric Kistka Multi Tip 110 V Interchangeable Kistka is a hot wax pen for wax arts including Easter egg decorating, pysanky - pisanki arts, batik, encaustic wax, wax resist and other wax application arts. The tips are held by a set screw, which is easily loosened with a small screw driver to change tips. This model ships with the #1 Fine, #2 Medium and #3 Heavy tips. Basic cleaning wire included. Other tips, screw driver and wax reservoir extender sold separately. Made in the USA. Recommended for use with Strip Wax. Can be used with any refined beeswax. Compatible with all waxes sold on This model is designed for a 110 volt electrical environment such as in North America, Japan, Brazil and others.

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