Electric Kistka Artist Kit Deluxe 110 Volt

  • $ 115.00

Electric Kistka Artist Kit with Storage Box. Made for 110 volt electrical environments (NA, Japan, Brazil and others). This Kit provides the Artist everything needed to use our Electric Kistka -- Hot Wax Pen. The kit includes: 1 Multi-Tip Interchangeable Kistka (hot wax pen) base; 7 tips (#000 3X Fine, #00 2X Fine, #0 X Fine, #1 Fine, #2 Medium, #3 Heavy, #4 X Heavy); 1 block Blue Sapphire wax; 1 package Strip Wax; 1 cleaning wire; 1 screw driver; detailed instructions and egg design ideas. The kit is shipped in a durable plastic storage box that holds all the supplies, and with extra dividers allowing the box to be rearranged to better accommodate your favorite tools.

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